Strengthen and expand management teams

Align organizational structure with strategic priorities

Drive culture of urgency and continuous improvement

Develop shared vision to scale product


Re-engineer business processes

Improve productivity, service, quality

Capture outsourcing and supply chain opportunities

Institute ROIC disciplines

Improve 4-Box Unit Economics

Establish operating metrics, and consistent performance tracking mechanisms


'Stage' the company in advance of capital raise in order to set the pre-money valuation optimally

Focused approach to strategic or investment partners, not based upon "wide nets" or contact volume

Synchronize developmental and capitalization milestones, which ensures balance between organic-growth and stimulated-growth life-cycles 


Organic Growth:

Pricing strategy and tactics

Sales force effectiveness, cross selling and up-selling


New product development

Geographic, market and channel expansion


Platform scalability and readiness

Prioritize and evaluate potential targets

Post-acquisition integration