The Team

Pennoyer Partners is a team of experienced senior executives and principal investors whose mission is to manifest highest-and-best outcomes for Client ambitions, problems and opportunities.  Pennoyer's client-teams comprise two-to-three believers, with real-time senior experience in multiple industries.  Thus, Pennoyer's counsel is neither 'textbook speak,' nor a consultant's jargon, nor is it the specious encomium of a financial intermediary or broker.  Our action plans are based upon the breadth of our own successes and challenges (sometimes, failures) as entrepreneurs or business leaders, and the lessons we have learned.    

Value Creation | Cohort Entrepreneurs

Pennoyer principals are not intermediaries but embedded like-minded counterparts.  The advantage is action-items founded in experience, judgement

Targeted origination capabilities reduces lead times for capital access

Focus on data:  market research, value proposition and operational execution in all stages of engagement

Bespoke value creation disciplines

Senior Partners

Experienced, senior, principals with old-school intuitions and new-school competencies

Deep knowledge and expertise in industry and transaction opportunities

Like-minded operational or investment partners in the Americas, Europe and Asia